Apolon Complex
Transport from Burgas Airport to Apolon Complex + 30 min shopping in local supermarket. 60 BGN

Transport to :

Nessebar - new town 15 BGN
Ravda 10 BGN
Masterhouse or Helios Furniture shop 15 BGN
Shopping 1 hour. 15 BGN
Nessebar - old town 15 BGN


First time - Spring or main cleaning + sheets and towels change 50 BGN
Cleaning + sheets and towels change 25 BGN
Additional cleaning 15 BGN
Sheets and towels change for two people 15 BGN
Sheets change for two people 10 BGN
Towels change for two people 6 BGN

Rent :

Bicycle for one hour 10 BGN
Bicycle for two hours 15 BGN
Bicycle for one day 20 BGN
Tennis rackets for one hour per rocket 5 BGN
Tennis balls for one hour per ball 1 BGN
Flippers for swimming for one hour 5 BGN
American goggles and snorkel for one hour 5 BGN